How to Stop Dogs Eating Poop

There are a number of different reasons as to why dogs eat their own poop. It may be very difficult to pin-point exactly why they develop such a habit.
Below are a few explanations as well as solutions to stop your dog from eating its poop.


If you are very concerned about your loved dog you should consider taking her to vet just in case there is a possible health issue.

One of the most common causes of dogs eating their poop is a lack of required nutrients in the diet which may leave the dog still hungry after meals. A hungry dog will often look for other sources of sustenance. A healthy balanced diet will help the dog to more efficiently absorb the required nutrients from its food.
When deciding on a good quality dog food, consult with a vet as to what is good for your particular dog breed and the dogs’ age.

Another reason why dogs eat their poop and other animals poop is a possibility of internal parasites which sap nutrients out of the dogs’ diet, leaving the dog hungry after meals.


Training may stop a dog from eating its own poop but a very important point to remember is not to punish a dog for eating its poop as punishment is unfair if the dog can’t help its self, especially if it is a health or diet issue. The dog may also eat its poop to avoid punishment especially when doing its business in the house.

When he tries to eat the poop “NO” or “Leave It” Command him and lead him away from the poop. If he walks away reward him (Good Dog) and give him a treat.
You can also try distracting him away from the poop with a treat.

Lead the dog away from the poop and distract it by playing with it or giving it an activity to do which will take its mind away from the poop.


As soon as possible clean up your dogs poop, this will take away the opportunity of it eating it.
Regular cleaning may stop this horrible habit.
Large amounts of dog poop especially in confined areas may cause a dog to clean it its self by eating it.

  • Untidy and unhealthy environment can cause stress and disease.
  • Dogs need regular exercise.
  • They require playtime to help stimulate the mind and avoid boredom.
  • Living in confined spaces for extended periods can be stressful.
  • Dogs need to be praised for good behaviour.
  • Companionship such as another dog can improve a dogs’ mental state.

All of the above if left unattended may cause a dog to start eating its poop.


There are a number of ‘Ingredients’ one can add to your dogs poop to stop him from eating it but first consult with your vet before using any of them as the dog may be allergic to certain ingredients and too many additives may cause an imbalance in the digestive system.
Add some hot and spicy sauce, wasabi or a lemon juice to the freshly laid parcel, this will definitely make the taste of the poop a lot more unpleasant and hopefully discourage the dog from eating it.

Certain additives such as meat tenderizer, pineapple juice and pumpkin when mixed into the dogs’ food give the poop an even more uninviting taste.


As you can see the are a number of different ways to stop your dog from eating its own poop but the best solution is prevention of this habit so first try decipher what the cause is before you try to treat it.

Good Luck!!

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