Symptoms and Treatment of Stomach Cancer in Dogs

Stomach cancer in dogs is very rare with most dogs not surviving longer than 6 months. Symptoms are generally only noticed in the late stages of the cancers development.
Stomach cancer in dogs is more commonly found in males as well as certain breeds of dog.

Symptoms include:
·         Vomiting with traces of blood in the vomit.
·         Traces of blood in the faeces
·         Poor appetite
·         Weight loss and poor general condition
·         Very vocal such as whining
·         Low energy levels
·         Anti-social
·         Tries to avoid physical contact as a result of physical pain.

If taken to a vet they may do a number of different tests to see if the dog has got stomach cancer, these include x-rays, ultra sounds or blood tests.

Treatment of stomach cancer in dogs is unfortunately not successful in the long term and the cancer can spread quite quickly to the rest of the organs.
Tumours in the stomach need to be surgically removed as they can obstruct the pathway of food into the stomach.
Dogs with stomach cancer lose weight quite rapidly so it is advisable to get the dog on to the correct diet to help keep on the weight and strengthen the immune system.

Chemotherapy can be used to try and prevent any further cancerous cells from developing but often proves unsuccessful.
Radiation treatment can be done to help treat the pain.

After surgery regular tests should be done to monitor the dogs’ condition. Any some cases the tumours will re-grow in other cases the tumours may never come back.

Other treatment options include herbal treatments. There are a number of natural products on the market which can be given to a dog with stomach cancer which will help boost its immune system as well as improve its mental state.

From start to end you should make your pet as comfortable as possible. You can also comfort your dog with cuddles and love and show him how important he is to the family.


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  2. My dog just got put down for having intestines riddled with cancer. I wouldn't believe my mum that there was nothing in the world thwy could do to save him, no I guess there isn't. thankyou for this article!

  3. We put our dear mandie down may 26, 2014. She had symptoms for about two weeks leading to her death. One day she was our sweet girl and then the next she was skinny (lost 12 pounds in six months), would not eat, and vomited anything she did eat. Her poop was dark black in the few days leading to her death. It was by far the hardest day of my life. She was a lab/ boxer mix. Love mandie. 5-12-02 --5-26-14



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