Interesting Facts about Chihuahuas

Country/Region of Origin: Mexico

Life span: 10 -18 years

Weight:  2 – 6 pounds (1 – 3 kg)

Gestation:  61 – 65 days


Health Issues in Chihuahuas:
  • Hydrocephalus, a condition where there is an excessive amount of fluid on the brain which causes an enlarged head.

  • Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) is quite prominent in Chihuahuas, this is caused by the dog burning off more energy than it is taking in. Symptoms of this condition include, weakness, lethargy, trembling lip, loss of coordination, convulsions and respiratory distress.

  • Petellar luxation (Trick Knee) A disruption to the hind legs which causes the kneecap to dislocate resulting in a lot of discomfort and difficulty walking.

  • Chihuahuas have very small mouths with a lot of teeth packed all close to together. If the teeth are not cleaned on a regular basis build-up of food can cause tooth decay and infections.

  • Molera. This is the soft spot on the top of the head. In new born humans the “hole” or “soft spot” closes as we grow. With Chihuahuas the hole never closes up totally so one has to take extra care not to bump this area. 

Interesting Facts about Chihuahuas:

The Chihuahua was named after Chihuahua which is a state in Mexico.
Their common nickname is “Teacup dog”
Of all dogs they have the largest brain in relation to body size.
Chihuahuas were bred by the Aztecs for sacrificial ceremonies.
There are two breeds of Chihuahua, the long-haired and the short-haired.
This breed of dog is known to give birth to very large litters, the largest litter recorded was 10 puppies!

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  1. They are perfect for a pet, just a pet. You can't make them a guard dog, maybe a watch dog but they are so perfect for making their owners happy. Chihuahua may not be that intelligent but they have a caring heart. Nice post!



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