What to Do with Constipated Dog

Below is a list of remedies for constipated dog.

Please remember that medications like laxatives and enemas for humans may be very harmful to your dog so don’t attempt to use them unless advised by a qualified vet.

  • Pumpkin does wonders to treat constipation in a dog. Mix some cooked pumpkin into his food once a day. This should also prevent constipation and is very healthy for your dog.

  • Apple cider vinegar can work as a natural laxative. Add 1 table spoon per drinking glass of water to your dogs’ water bowel. Refill with fresh water/ACV 2 to 3 times a day.

  • Aloe juice is a very powerful laxative. It should be mixed into your dogs’ food but is very distasteful. Check with a vet for the correct dosage as too much can cause diarrhoea.

  • A dog may be constipated due to a lack of water so add some water to his food if he eats pellets, for some extra taste add a little gravy watered down.

  • Regular exercise increases blood flow to the colon which helps to move things along.

  • Bran added to canned food or mixed in water can also help for the bowel movements but first check with your vet before trying this as dogs are meat eater (carnivores).  

  • A warm soapy enema may do the trick but it must be a pet brand and get advice on the correct doses.

  • Supplements containing folic acid and natural minerals can help prevent constipation for your dog in the long run.

  • As last resort you should use a medical laxative but one that is for pets not humans. Check with a vet for the dose required for your size dog.

Hopefully once or more of the above will help treat your constipated dog. If you are not sure what to do and can’t help the dog then please take the dog to a vet in case it is something more serious.

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  1. Gong natural is very good. You should try to aloe and carrot and other juices. Also lemon, figs, guavas, raisins are good cures for constipation.



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