Interesting Facts about Bulldogs

Country/Region of Origin: British Isles
Life span: 8 – 12 years
Weight:  18 – 25 kg (39.6 – 55.1 pounds)
Gestation: 61 - 65 days
Health issues in Bulldogs:
Hip dysplasia
Elbow dysplasia
Skin infections
Cherry eye
Brachycephalic airway syndrome – This is due to the very short nose and narrow nostrils which causes them to snore and in more severe cases makes breathing very difficult for the bulldog.
Interesting Facts on Bulldogs
A Bulldog can’t swim but instead sinks due to its short legs, very large head and heavy body.
Bulldogs are descendants of the Asiatic mastiff and the pug.
The name “Bull” in Bulldog was given to this breed as they were used in the sport of bull baiting. In this sport the dogs were trained to grab and hold onto the bull’s nose until a rope could be wrapped around the its neck, the bull would then pulled down on to the ground.
Bull baiting was banned in 1835.
Before the ban on bull baiting bulldogs were bred for their ferocity and high tolerance to pain. Over the past years the aggression has been bred out making the Bulldog a far more relaxed breed and a very popular family dog.
Bulldogs are rated by the AKC as the 6th most popular breed in America. (Year 2012)

For more than 100 years the Bulldog has been the chosen mascot for the Yale University. The name “Handsome Dan” is given to each and every bulldog that is chosen to be the mascot.
80% to 90% percent of bulldogs are delivered by Caesarean section due to the mother having a narrow birth canal and the puppies having very large heads.
Most dogs have up to 100 different facial expressions while the Bulldogs only has about 10, this is due breeding.
President Calvin Coolidge (30th US President) owned a Bulldog by the name of “Boston Beans”.

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